Below you can find some links to more curling resources that teach you to be a better curler as well as provide you with information on competitive curling play.

College Curling USA

Part of the United States Curling Association, College Curling USA shows you the current standing of all teams competing for the National College Curling Tournament (the 2018 edition will be in Eau Claire, WI). In addition, this site contains the most up to date version of the College Curling Rules and Regulations as well as information on upcoming tournaments.


The website of Curling on Team USA. Follow the professionals! Learn more about the sport and enjoy the fan site of it as much as actively participating on the ice.

Nutmeg Curling

This is our host curling club. Learn about curling and some local tournaments that you can take part in. If you are a full member, view your upcoming games, volunteering opportunities as well as a member directory